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Hillfield brochure design


Print still remains at the heart of most of the work we do despite the growth of digital. From a simple business card to a 100 page magazine, Red Rocket cover the whole spectrum of formats and print processes using a small pool of tried and trusted printers to provide fantastic results.

For a while email campaigns have ruled the roost as the ideal way to get your product or message to your customer, however we are all becoming fed up with the sheer amount of spam that we receive and therefore lot of information is now being trashed before it reaches its destination. Print is becoming the preferred way of contacting prospects and customers once again.

Newcross brochure design
Newcross folder print
Devon Guild of Craftsmen book

Here at Red Rocket we have seen an increase in the amount of print that we are producing.

There is nothing more eye-catching than a well produced brochure with beautiful photography and well written copy.

Foil blocking, embossing and soft touch lamination are just some of the many finishes we use to enhance the design work, so therefore it not only looks good but also has a tactile quality that adds to the appeal.

Finally, choice of material also has a strong influence on the finished result with an almost limitless range of papers and boards available from manufacturers and suppliers. We’ll always discuss the best option for you as we move forward and even get dummies made up in the actual stock so you can get an idea of how the job will feel in the hand before we press the button whether it’s for a:

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Bluecedar Homes brochures
Bluecedar Homes print
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KLC sales brochure
KLC brochure design
Blue View property brochure
Western Power annual report
Western Power annual reports

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